SportsVest: The Spaniards don’t get my milk bottle legs

Mar 24 2013

Why is it tradition that no matter where you are or what month it is, if it’s hotter than Britian, the shorts are on and your gams are out for the lads! I just can’t help myself.

Whilst normal civilians of Lloret are still wrapped in scarves bracing the plunging temperatures of 14◦c, us SportsVest Brits are happily ignoring the overcast and embracing a town not currently 2 feet deep in snow.

Last night, the crew took a well-earned break and visited one of Sian and Ian’s favourite haunts- Chimacos! Waist deep in enchiladas and Fajitas, this little Mexican restaurant, forgave us for our English ways and allowed us the treat of the sombreros we were desperate to wear.

Today, we visited each of our fabulous venues covering them inch by inch in SportsVest branding. We are taking over Lloret and the place is looking MINT! Lacrosse poles are up, hotel receptionists are on the ready, we even branded up a supermarket!

All we need now is thousands of students. And they are on their way.

Twenty coaches of excited, hyper, Easter egg stuffed girls and boys left the isles of the UK today, ditching their all-nighters in the library in favour of ridiculous Primarni esc fancy dress and questionable sun burn.

All of them ready for one hell of a tour.

How does one prepare themselves for an invasion of British students?

Only one way to find out.

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