Mar 23 2013

SportsVest: An introduction for the baby of the crew

A great person once said: “Welcome to Lloret! Ready for this??”

Ok, so that person was actually my boss Ian Boulger aka The Boulge. And he actually said it yesterday.

A short while ago, I moved from a ski based role in to Outgoings Events department. First stop, SportsVest 2013!

So back to Ian’s question.

Am I ready for this? Probably not. But let’s get this show on the road because the last 24 hours has been an exquisite mix of organisation, sun, pizza, new faces, old friends, observation, learning and one interesting cleaning lady.Thursday: We land in Girona airport at approximately 10am, Spain time. Welcomed by a lush blue sky, I don’t remember the last time I was greeted by glorious sunshine. Born and bred Brit but sometimes you just need a bit of sun don’t you?

Two hours in and we’ve eaten pizza from Dream Café, yes! Unloaded and set up office, Yes! And the sun is still out, YES!

Fully initiated into the SportsVest crew, it’s safe to say Ian and his assistant Sian are a double act like no other! They got it down and with a fall safe team on board, dare I say it, bring on the students!

Friday: Up bright and early after being introduced to Passoa and orange juice the previous night (thank you Sian) I am ready to see some hotels, meet some friendly locals and haggle some bargain drinks prices!

Two days in and I am genuinely excited for the week ahead. With more and more staff flying in every day, it’s a rag tag bunch of experienced, hard-working nutters.

SportsVest 2013.

Whatcha got?!


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