SportVest Promo Party at Brunel University!

Dec 5 2011

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teams that made the effort and came down to The Academy at Brunel Students Union last Wednesday. A big shout goes out to Urban Knights and Coop-Deejays for smashing the tunes and getting us dancing… you guys rock!

The Mexican tennis players, the line dancing cowboys, the rugby league lady boys, the Where’s Wally Hotties, the Onesie crew…  and all the rest of you who donned the fancy dress and came along for a good night – WE SALUTE YOU!  The SV Girls had a lot of fun and yes, got a little carried away with the stickers. Using an entire roll to fashion a new style of onesie! (This had better be coming on tour…)

Really looking forward to having everyone on board and the great news is… most of you have now paid your deposit and are on your way to partying hard on the shores of Rovinj! So pull up your sports socks, bag up your banter and get ready for SportsVest 2012! Let’s make it go down in history as the best tour EVER!

If you haven’t booked your place already, you just need to go online to book your place now!


Much Love

The SportsVest Crew


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