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Dec 7 2011

Lounge on the Farm License Announcement


7th December 2011


Lounge on The Farm, the annual music festival that takes place at Merton Farm in Canterbury, has decided to renounce its current license and embark upon applying for a new one for 2012.

The Canterbury City council have confirmed that the surrender of the license in no way means that there will be no festival for 2012. However, the festival organisers want to ensure that the event is stronger and safer than ever, and the application for a new license will allow for this, as well as sustained growth in future years.


By surrendering the licence, Lounge on the Farm hopes to show its commitment to working with Kent Police rather than against them. A good relationship with Kent Police is vital to the safe running of the event.


 “We feel the best way to progress onwards is to voluntarily relinquish the current license held for Lounge on the Farm and take out an application for a new one for 2012. This will allow us to discuss the issues of 2011 and improve our working relationship with Kent Police. With a new license we can take another step towards a safer, more secure event that is far better positioned to progress and build on the fantastic success we have enjoyed over the last few years.”

–          Sean Baker, Founder


Indeed this success includes the many awards the festival has accrued in recent years. In 2009 Lounge on the Farm’s awards included ‘Best Line-Up’ in the UK Festival Awards, ‘Best of the Family Festivals’ by The Times and ‘Best Music Festival for Foodies’ by The Guardian. In 2008, 2010 and 2011, the festival was awarded the prestigious ‘Greener Festival Award for Sustainability’ for its efforts to create a clean and environmentally friendly event.


In addition to industry recognition, Lounge on the Farm has proved widely popular with the general public and local Kent community. Testament to this is the 700 signees a petition received in just 2 days that was aimed at the council in favour of the festival last week.


“Lounge on the Farm would like to thank all of its supporters for an unprecedented and inspiring show of backing. We look forward to applying for a license that will be better suited to the festival’s needs, ultimately making for a better event for everyone – from the festival goers to the police, the local traders to the surrounding neighbours and everyone in between. Everyone’s continued support is hugely appreciated”

–          Jack Walsh, Outgoing



For further information please contact kitty@anoraklondon.com / 0207 650 7832

3 Comments about “LOTF License update”

  1. jan thom Says:

    Can you kindly ring me on 01843 578161 to have a chat so that I can fully understand what the situation is? Thank you,
    Jan Thom.

  2. Lounge on the Farm Says:

    Hi Jan,

    You can request feedback if you send an email to jack.walsh@outgoing.co.uk


    The LOTF team

  3. Celia Rumley Says:

    I have paid for an early bird ticket – will I be fully reimbursed if the license isn’t granted and the event isn’t held in 2012?


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