Beat the January blues – escape to Amsterdam with your mates

Dec 5 2011

Go On… You are only a student once

Look at it this way, when your mates ask you what you did on the weekend do you want to say? I watched the X Factor and went out for lunch or I jumped on a coach with half the University and smashed it in the Dam! Hmmmmm, toughy isn’t it?!

From the wild nightlife to the lazy coffee shops, the raunchy red light district, to hiring a bike and sampling the abundant culture? Amsterdam offers everything, you will not be disappointed… it’s going to be the highlight of your University experience.

Date: January 26 – 29 January 2012 (4 Day, 2 Night Tour)

Price: £125

Only £40 deposit to secure your place!

What do I get for my money?

  • 2 nights city centre accommodation (with its own bar & nightclub!),
  • breakfast each day
  • executive coach travel
  • ferry crossing
  • free club entry

We also offer extra options such as the Amsterdam bar crawl, tours of the red light district, bike hire and group souvenir merchandise. Turn on, tune in, get booked on!

Choose your departure point below

Bath Spa







Check out the Fresherdam video below to see what could be in store for you.


4 Comments about “Beat the January blues – escape to Amsterdam with your mates”

  1. Jake Richardson Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I need to be there for the 29th for a Exhibiton show for my company.

    But I would like to recieve info on this to

    can we do our own thing once there yeah….no museum and tours?? as been dam 9 times know it better than what you guys prob do 😀

    let me know and please send info for me and friends.

    thanks guys (+girls)

  2. Avi Says:

    Hi, my name is Avi and i run a new company called cheeky promotions ltd. I have launched in Lancaster and we concentrate in event organising. I wonder if you guys want more exposure and having a company representing selling your amsterdam trips in Lancaster….

    if there is scope to talk give us a bell @ 07766023699

  3. Shelly Says:

    why is there no departure from northern ireland?

  4. rachel.maxwell Says:

    Hi Shelly! If you send this question to, the Sales team will be able to answer it for you.

    Jake as requested I have emailed you.


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