What it’s like to go out with Outgoing? – BOWLING NIGHT (Edited Version)

Oct 27 2011

Last night was the Outgoing social. It was my second week at Outgoing and a chance to get to know everybody a bit better. As with any Outgoing social there was plenty of drink involved. Upon arrival the kitty was set up behind the bar and 6 jugs of beer and cider appeared.

Everybody was in high spirits, especially Dave (MD), who after announcing that we would be going bowling this week had been sneaking off to the bowling alley everyday to practice. Hats off to him, he absolutely smashed it.

For those of us who weren’t budding bowlers, it was a blast from the past. The mood lighting was low, the disco lights turned on and the bowling began, everyone with their own individual style.

Fritz (Designer), with his Grease Lightning hair, was pulling some crazy John Travolta moves as he slid along the floor on his knees, a technique which earned him multiple strikes. Shame it didn’t last for long. It all went downhill after he threw the ball backwards at us un-expecting spectators behind.

Parkman’s (sales) technique was something to be questioned, hitting a pillar instead of the pins, fortunately missing any bystanders, who looked on in absolute dismay.

Sian’s (SportsVest assistant) approach was somewhat childlike and consisted of running towards the lane like a rag doll and hurling the ball between her legs. A style you definitely would not want to copy but earned her some grandeur.

We were introduced to the new team member Alex (Head of Technical)…poor guy. He was thrown in at the deep end, but in true outgoing style he lapped it up and was the last man standing.

A bit of competition started when our Systema Champion Sunny (Technical) took on T Pain (Sales) in a punch machine showdown. Sian then gave a valiant attempt to which Becky returned with absolutely nothing. A fly could do more damage than our lovely Becky (Technical).

The next few hours consisted of beer, mojito’s, Jaeger bombs, Sambuca, lost phones, plenty of joviality and the rest, well, is a bit of a blur!

To say the least we are all feeling a little bit fragile today but partying is what we do best and everybody came into work today…except one (you know who you are!)

All in all a fantastic night, bring on the next social!

One Comment about “What it’s like to go out with Outgoing? – BOWLING NIGHT (Edited Version)”

  1. Joe Says:

    Taxi Man: Where do want to go?
    Joe: Shrugs – I don’t know
    Alice: Laughing “Come on Joe where do you live?”
    Joe: Shrugs again “I don’t know”
    Alice: Joe I can picture it in my head
    Joe: Ah I’ve got it. Old Moat Lane!

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