Hello Boobs… Outgoing and Coppafeel! Join Forces…

Oct 14 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re working with out charity partner, CoppaFeel! to ensure you guys are checking yourselves for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Do you know how they normally feel? Do you know what they usually look like? Getting to know your boobs could save your life. And what better way to start showing them more love than by giving them names. Yep, that’s right, names. French and Saunders, Bangers and Mash, Chip and Dale… We’re sure you can think of something better. Rachel, Outgoings Marketing Assistant has named her boobs Ant and Dec to reflect her North East roots! Now it’s over to you. Best names posted on Facebook will get a free pair of Outgoing sunnies just in time for your winter holiday to the alps with BeOutgoing.

And CoppaFeel! wIll do their bit, by reminding you when it’s time to coppafeel with a free monthly text. You’ll be a boob lover like us in no time!

So join the hundreds of other young people and text “BOOBS [Name] and [Name]” to 70300 to get free monthly reminders.

For more info visit coppafeel.org

We have been friends of Coppafeel! for quite some time – the guys popped down to Beach Break Live 2011 to talk to a few of the acts and a few of you, see what they got up to in our video…



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