How do you beat tuition fee rises? Go on holiday…

Jul 12 2011

With the average tuition fee cost due to soar above £8000 in 2012 and recent reports suggesting there will be more than 700,000 applications for just under 480,000 university places many potential students have decided they would rather leave it all behind… Many prospective students are now choosing to flick through travel brochures and online travel sites rather than prospectuses. With a very real chance that over 200,000 students will miss out on a University place who can blame them?

We are receiving a large number of enquiries for ‘mini gap years’ to Asia. As money is tight and people have had limited time to save for their travels shorter long-haul breaks are becoming increasingly popular. The Golden Triangle tour in India, Egypt Adventure, Cambodian Adventure and the Angkor Trail have been great sellers due the combination of the youth friendly, high energy destinations and incredibly low prices.

BeOutgoing, our full service travel agency, can help with any aspect of your travels whether you want a beach holiday or worldwide travel. This is the perfect time for youth travellers to don their rucksacks and jump on a plane. The world better brace itself for the party of the century with an extra 200,000 British explorer’s city hopping the globe!

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