Rules, regulations and general information for a laid back lounge

Jun 27 2011

There has been lots of confusion in the past few weeks regarding various details at LOTF. We are very sorry about this and hope that the following gives you a bit more concise information. It is very long and we are also sorry that you have to read it but it is important.

Tickets for Lounge On The Farm Music Festival are sold under the following conditions of which it is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to:

  1. All ticket purchases are subject to an additional handling fee.
  2. Lost and stolen tickets will not be replaced.
  3. Defaced tickets will not be accepted. When exchanged on site, wristbands are non-interchangeable and should not be removed until after the festival.
  4. Wristbands removed from the wrist or tampered with will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Lost or missing wristbands will not be replaced. Those without wristbands will be refused admission to the site or may be removed from the site. For security purposes all wristbands issued by Lounge on the Farm remain the property of Lounge on the Farm until 5pm Monday 11th July 2011.
  5. Without a ticket, entry into the festival will not be permitted.
  6. Admission is at the Ticket Holder’s own risk. The Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.
  7. Camping is ONLY available for weekend ticket holders. Day ticket holders will be required to leave the site when the Main Stage closes at midnight.
  8. This ticket is only valid when purchased from official agents. Tickets bought from other sources will be refused admission.
  9. Do not buy tickets from street traders and unauthorised agencies. Tickets are security printed and are personal to the ticket holder only. Any attempt to transfer or resell tickets will lead to automatic refusal at the entrance. Beware of forgeries.

10.  Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any ticket holder will be allowed on Festival Site without the Festival’s prior written consent.

11. All child and youth tickets sold for the festival are sold under the provision of: Any youth or child MUST be accompanied by an adult of a responsible nature i.e. parent or legal guardian. Older siblings, cousins, friends and boy/girlfriends are not considered a responsible adult. It is at the discretion of the festival organisers and appointed staff to deem whether the adult accompanying youth / child tickets is responsible. Unaccompanied children/youths or those without a legal guardian will not be admitted, tickets will be confiscated and will not be refunded. Adults are able to accompany more than one child, ie. a parent bringing a child and his / her friends, but ALL children are his / her responsibility on-site. Failure to supervise properly youth / children under his / her care may result in ALL members of the party being asked to leave to site. We do not accept liability for unaccompanied under 18’s.

12.  Student tickets must be accompanied by a relevant ID that can be with either  NUS, ISIC or university ID. Students must be over 18. If you do not have the relevant student ID   you will be required to pay the additional cost to upgrade to an adult weekend. If you are under 18 you will be required to meet the criteria required by youth/child tickets as listed above in point 11.

13.  If you think your age will be questioned, please bring personal identification. Passports or identity cards are allowed. Photocopies are not.

14.  No animals (except guide dogs) allowed in festival site or campsite.

15.  We have succeeded in having the alcohol ban lifted by Canterbury City Council. Alcohol can be brought on site ONCE only upon arrival by adult weekend campers and can only be consumed in the campsites. Alcohol cannot be brought on by under 18s, by day ticket holders and cannot be brought on site once your ticket has been exchanged for a wristband. Alcohol quota per adult weekend ticket holder is either a case of 24 cans of beer, cider or lager (maximum 440ml per unit) OR 3l wine box. Glass and spirits are not permitted

16.  No open fires, naked flames or disposable BBQs anywhere. Due to an error in information given out we are permitting camping stoves. However remember these are combustible and a hazard. Please follow the guidelines attached referring to camping.

17.  All weekend ticket prices include camping. Our campsite has three separate areas, family camping, regular camping and one for campervans/caravans. Families only are permitted to camp in the family camping field.

18.  Campervan / caravan parking MUST be pre-booked at a cost of £45 per vehicle. Campers and caravans only are permitted in the caravan campsite and can only have 1 single man tent or awning attached. Transit vans are not permitted.

19.  Parking at the festival is free but off site. There is a charge for the shuttle bus at £2/ride. The same shuttle bus will ferry people from Canterbury West, Canterbury East and the bus station for £2/ride. Only families, disabled and caravans can come onto site through the main entrance.

20.  The festival reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, and to vary the advertised programme and timings without being liable to pay any compensation whatsoever.

21.  Photographic, video or audio reproduction of artists is prohibited.

22.  As a condition of sale the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for Television, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video or DVD as part of the audience and/or by onsite CCTV and cameras and recordings for security purposes.

23.  Ticket holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion of the festival.

24.  The festival reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or annoyance or for failure to comply with the reasonable requests of the festival.

25.  Vehicles parked & camping at owner’s risk

26.  Search and seizure is in operation throughout the site. Drugs will not be tolerated and the police will be called.

27.  You may be searched at the entrance. Any items which the organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may be searched.

28.  Official merchandise will be available on site. Please don’t buy from unlawful street traders.

29.  Please do not bring personal sound systems. There is more than enough music on the site.

30.  Please use the toilets and urinals and do not pollute the farm.

31.  As of July 2007 smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas

32.  Please use the litterbins and recycling points provided.

33.  Vehicle checks will be in operation.

34.  Fireworks, Chinese lanterns and the burning of plastics are not permitted.

35.  To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly.

36.  Merton Farm is a mixed arable farm between the A2 and the B2068. The site enjoys fantastic drainage and rarely stays muddy for long. The farm is quite hilly in parts but the main arena with the majority of the entertainment is fairly flat. If you are pregnant, carrying an injury or have a disability moving around the site can be quite tiring but hopefully well worth it!

37.  Gates open at 6pm on Thursday 7th July 2011. There is no entertainment Thursday evening, and only one bar and basic facilities / amenities open. The gate closes at 10pm.

38.   Festival opens officially at 9am on Friday 8th July. Please do not arrive before 9am as you will be unable to access the site.

39.  The festival gate is open from 9am to 10pm Friday and Saturday and at 4pm on Sunday for entrance to the festival.

40.  The site closes officially at midday on Monday.

41.  All wristbands are issued on arrival at the site box office. They are non-replacable. The campsite is only accessible to Weekend Wristband holders. The family campsite is only accessible to Weekend Wristband holders with an additional Family Wristband, likewise for Caravan/Campervan Campers. Day Wristband holders cannot access any of the campsites and must leave the festival site at 12am when the music finishes.

42.  Don’t forget your ticket and ID.

43.  Only bring what you can afford to lose. Tents aren’t secure.

44.  Travel light. Everything you need will be available on site from our campsite shops, but always have wet wipes and a torch.

45.  Bring all weather clothing – ponchos, walking boots, lots of dry socks and a high factor suncream.

46.  Lounge on the Farm has the best festival food around and its cheap too so you can always leave the food and cooking equipment at home. If you do want to cater for yourselves, controlled heat sources such as Camping Gas stoves are fine. BBQs are not.

47.  Bring 1 ATM card. Make a note of the numbers to make cancellation easier. Keep cash to a minimum. Also make a note of your phones IMEI number. Press *#06# on your phone and write it down. This will make cancellation easier if necessary.

48.  Only bring the keys that you absolutely need.

49.  Bring your vital medications.

50.  Give your friends their tickets in advance. There is no point trying to meet outside the festival to do this.

51.  Be prepared to show your ticket to bus stewards and car park stewards but DO NOT give your ticket to anyone until you reach the wristbanding box offices on Merton Farm.

52.  Buy a programme at the gate so you’re ahead of the game when you get on site.

53.  There are quiet camp areas if you prefer. Follow the signs or ask a steward.

54.  We are working towards having showers on site for the public, but do not at this moment. We will keep you posted.

55.  There are campsite hubs in all fields. At these points you can ask for help, advice or any welfare matters. Stewards here are trained and are there to help you.

56.  Note where you have camped in relation to the fixed fire point number or put a flag on your tent. Tents are easy to lose in a sea of tents.

57.  Build a community and look out for each-other but….

58.  Try not to build giant circles of tents that take up too much room.

59.  Don’t build campfires on site.

60.  Do use UV pens to postcode your property. Spread your belongings out and keep them to a minimum.

61.  Candles are dangerous and pointless. Use a torch.

62.  If you discover a fire raise the alarm immediately but do not put yourself at risk by tackling it.

63.   Respect your neighbours and watch your volume as it gets later. Do not use personal sound systems.

64.  Watch out for congestion at gates, especially The Crossroads. If it looks too busy it probably is so take a seat and chill out for a bit.

65.  Keep in touch with your friends on your mobile. You can also leave messages at the campsite hubs.

66.  There are ATMs on site.

67.  Lost children will be taken in the first instance to Lost Children which is located at the bottom of the Sheepdip Field adjacent to the crossroads.

68.  At the end of each day visitors with day tickets will be directed to exit by the main stage to shuttle buses or taxi ranks. Please leave the site as quietly as possible and if you choose to walk home or back to Canterbury please respect our neighbours.

69.  Disabled parking is on the Lounge On The Farm Festival Site, accessible via Main Entrance.

70.  Carers go free with valid Blue Badge or Carers UK membership.

71.  Carer tickets must be collected from either The Farmhouse on Dover Street Canterbury in advance or from the main Box Office on your arrival at Merton Farm.  They are available on Ticketline as well. Please remember to bring your proof of carer status with you.

72.  Disabled facilities are available across the site.

73.  Please be warned that although the site is fairly flat it is a working farm and the terrain can be difficult to move around.

74.  There are 3 types of under 18 tickets. Tots which are 0-5 years, Children which are 6 – 12 years and Youths which are 13 – 17 years. All of these tickets must be accompanied by a responsible adult or legal guardian as laid out in our Terms and Conditions.

75.  Family ticket holders have 2 fields. Families must camp together. Children wearing Family, child or youth wristbands will not be allowed to camp in the main campsite unaccompanied.

76.  Children are provided with blank white wristbands. Please write an emergency mobile number on this wrist band. DO NOT WRITE THE CHILDS NAME.

77.  Please refer to and for full terms and conditions.


Camping and Stove Safety Rules

  1. Always read the owners manual.
  2. Being as children are a big part of camping, the use, refueling and storing of a stove should only be done under a knowledgeable adult.
  3. Use only approved, undamaged fuel containers. Keep them far from open flames and any other source of heat.
  4. When you need to changed the compressed gas cartridges, or when you need to refill liquid fuel containers, allow the stove (or lantern) to cool completely .
  5. Refill stoves or lanterns outside away from any other flames or heat source. For liquid fuel use a funnel and then allow any spilled fuel to evaporate before attempting to ignite.
  6. Place your camping stove on a cleared, level surface. This will keep the stove warmer and reduce the tendency for it to tip over.
  7. Check stoves, hoses and tanks before each outing. Check for bent valves, cracked hoses and stripped treads that could cause leaks and possible explosions.
  8. Keep the fuel tanks as far from the actual camping stove as possible. Always keep your head and body to one side when lighting in case it creates a flare up.
  9. Never leave a lit stove or lantern unattended.

10.  Do not over load the stove. These are not made for heavy duty cooking but transportability.

11.  Do not discard empty containers. If they are not refillable, they should be disposed of properly being as the dumpster at the campsite might be disposed of by burning all refuse.

12.  Camping stoves or lanterns must never be used inside a tent or any building with poor ventilation.

13.  All canisters should be bright red or at least marked well so they don’t get confused with water bottles

14.  Carry fuel cartridges away from all foods. This may mean carrying it on the outside of a back pack.

15.  Shut off the supply valve at the tank before disconnecting hoses. Allow the extra gas in the line to bleed off.

16.  All ways read the manufactures guide lines and follow them.

17.  Always have a fire extinguisher to hand.

18.  Ensure that caravans and tents are kept at least 6 metres apart.

19.  Find out what the fire-fighting arrangements on the campsite are and where the nearest security or steward point is.

20.  Carry a fire bucket, and have it ready for use next to your unit

21.  Keep a torch handy for emergencies. Don’t use a lit candle

22.  Fires in tents and caravans spread very quickly. If there’s a fire:

  • Get everyone out straight away.
  • Alert security immediately.

23.  Fit a smoke detector in your caravan.

24.  Take care when cooking – don’t leave fat pans unattended.

25.  Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.

26.  If you smoke, use suitable metal ashtrays. Never smoke in bed.

27.  Children should not be left alone in a caravan.

28.  Keep the caravan ventilated. Don’t block up air vents – it could be fatal.

29.  Keep cylinders outside your caravan.

30.  Before going to bed or leaving the caravan, turn off all appliances.

31.  Turn off cylinders unless appliances (such as a fridge) are designed to run continuously.

32.  Never use a cooker or a heater whilst a camper or caravan is moving.

33.  Change gas bottles only when completely empty.

34.  If you suspect a gas leak:

  • Turn off all appliances and the main cylinder valve.
  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Do not smoke or operate electrical switches

35.  Flammable liquids and gas cylinders should be kept outside the tent and away from children.

36.  Oil burning appliances shouldn’t be used in or around tents.

37.  Keep cooking appliances away from walls and the roof and where they can easily be knocked over.

38.  Cooking appliances should not be used in small tents.

39.  Keep flammable material, including long grass, away from cooking area.

40.  Don’t smoke inside tents.

41.  Have an escape plan, and be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if there is a fire.

42.  Make sure everyone knows how to put out a clothing fire – stop, drop and roll.

43.  Prevention is key. A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds. Avoid using naked flames inside tents.

We wish you a fantastic festival weekend!

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