May 9 2011

The intrepid Summer break invasion crew crash landed at Nottingham Uni campus this Tuesday for a bit of havoc and some caravan parking fun. Nice.

Who would of thought parking an luminous bright pink 15 foot caravan would be hard? Well, it is. We don’t recommend it, not at all. Nice one Matty.

New SB crew member Kyle (recently abducted from Sheffield), after a particularly terrible journey in the back of Pammy, gets ready for a hardcore day spreading the good word of Summer break to the unsuspecting Students on campus. As usual Matty has to persuade him to put some clothes on first…. He’s Always getting caught with his pants down!

After getting suitably dressed for the banging weather, Matty and Kyle catch up with the myth, the legend, the straight up hero of Notts Katie Andrews. She is gagging for it (summer break, amongst other things).

Its hotter than the Hoffmans Budgy smugglers today, Just like summer break. Half the campus are chilling in the sun, getting on the Magners for a little exam break, it would be rude not to join in!

Notts are loving the sun, there’s so many people stoked about doing summer break as an end of exam party!

The beach. The epic line-up. The 1000s of friends and especially the caravans, why wouldn’t you want to go?

Some guys were so exited they decided to make there own little summer break caravan park (well they made us do it!)

Don’t worry, the real caravans are waaaayyyyy bigger than this…

Katie Got very emotional about our little summer break, she just wanted to be there right now on the beach. J don’t worry, only 32 days left!

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Love Katie, Matty and Kyle



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