May 20 2011


Topshop may have Kate Moss, who may know a thing or two about cutting out fine (clothing) lines, but our designer Rob has an Uncle Pete who knows the guy who lives next door to the bloke who plays badminton with Jean Paul Gaultier, so you’re in good hands! What’s more – the beauty (and brethren, we don’t use the word lightly) of our swag means you will not only remember Summer Break but look damn good whilst doing it (or rather it may stir some hazy, crazy Cornish cliff-top memories)….not only that: it’ll be permanent proof of your participation to wear in the future with pride / shame / when everything else is in the wash.



Take something home to remember along with those love bites, marker pen moustaches & XXX rated phone video clips. The Limited Edition Summer Break UK T-Shirts are only £10 and come with free head and armholes! In fact their so damn good, we put our names on them!


Hoodies are great; they’re warm, comfortable, hard wearing and simply ideal for inner city gang warfare & random street robbery! The Limited Edition Summer Break Hoods are only £20 – smash & grab one today!


A new addition to the Summer break merch family, the Summer Break sunglasses. Forget Raybans its all about our multi-colored delights, and at only £5 they are a steal! These will be available at the event and we only have limited stock available, and trust me these will fly off the shelves so you’ve got to make sure you get their early to make sure your not disappointed.

Every year the Merch goes faster than Katie Price’s weddings so make sure you pre order them while stocks last!

£40 pp secures your place to Summer Break UK – the best 96 hours of your life!

Get into groups of 5,6 and 8 and BOOK YOUR CARAVAN NOW! Places are shifting quick so grab your van now.

Want to get paid to party this summer? Apply to become a Summer Break Rep


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