Summer Break 2011 Fancy Dress!

May 11 2011

So the fancy dress themes are decided,  as chosen by you on Summer Break UK facebook page.

Night One: The Only Way is Essex

If you don’t know what this involves then you must have been living under a rock because the UK has gone TOWIE crazy. We’re talking lipsy dresses and skyscraper heels for the girls and as much FAKE tan, eyelashes, nails and hair as you can handle. As for the boys- think boyband; tight V neck tops, chinos and pirate boots. Again Fake tan is a must. And remember don’t be Jel, be Reem!

Night Two: Harry Potter

Basically think school girl night in fresher’s week-add a wand, cloak, a pair of round specs and that all important lightning bolt scar and your sorted. NOT!  There are 7 books worth of Werewolves, Dragons, House elves, Giants, owls, quidditch and Goblins, we shouldn’t see a school uniform in sight. Don’t be Slytherin people, go Gryffindor and get inspired. Ha!

Night Three: Movie Characters

Here you can literally be anyone  or anything from any movie EVER. For one night only you get to play dress up as your hero’s and heroines from this world or another.  You can take a walk in the shoes of a movie star. Even if those shoes are in Newquay, rather than Beverley hills. You only need to turn on the movie channel for inspiration. Go!

Night Four: Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Think TOWIE’s uglier, less “classy” younger sister. Gypsy brides aim for the Disney princess on crack look. We need enough Tutu’s, tiaras and Sequins to rival a drag show. As for Gypsy men, tight jeans, wife beater vests and quantities of hair gel that would make the T-Birds proud.  Obviously we provide the caravans, so everyone can feel right at home. All that you’ll need are a few grabbing’s and some wannabe shakira booty shaking and this will prove one realistic fancy dress theme.


£40 pp secures your place to Summer Break UK – the best 96 hours of your life!

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