Earn £30, £60, £90, £120… by getting your friends to Book!

May 12 2011

Summer Break are offering current customers an amazing opportunity to earn their holiday spending money! You’ve sorted your caravan out and you and your 3, 4, 5 or 7 other mates are raring to go. But what about the rest of your mates? We want them to come and we’re guessing you do to…

For that reason SUMMER BREAK ARE OFFERING YOU £30 FOR EVERY CARAVAN YOU FILL IN WEEK 1! So for every group of mates you get to book a caravan ticket, you get £30 to spend on the bar, or on the high street or wherever you choose to blow it!

“How?! We hear you cry”  Get your mates to enter your name into the referral box on the booking flow when they book their caravan ticket. SHIMPLES!

Send this link to your mates email, hound them on Facebook and get those texting fingers on. Your mates = cold hard cash!



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