The University of Nottingham Summer (Break) Ball.

Apr 4 2011

It really did seem that we were not meant to get to Nottingham University.  The first time we went to have our promotional day we arrived too late to get anything done due to caravan drama. And the night before our second attempt Matty and Pammy got stranded in Crewe, as the Campus Invasion had all got too much for her and she broke down  *sob*.

Luckily we managed to find someone to fix her and bring her back to Manchester safe and sound, all excited for our trip the next day. Only to have to pull over ten minutes into our journey due to a flying roadside cone getting lodged underneath the car and causing some sort of leak. The police had to be called out and they were very impressed with Pammy. Volvo repair gave us the okay and two hours behind schedule we got back on the road.

We arrived in Notts, to blue skys and sunshine. For those of you who haven’t been to Nottingham University, you’ve missed out. The campus is stunning, especially on a beautiful day like we had. We set up the surf simulator in the atrium of the student union. Giving many a student, a lunch time work out. Which the followed with a bottle of mountain dew energy drink, which we were fortunate enough to be promoting next too. They even gave us a crate for our office. Score.  Joe, Matty and me, plus the lovey karni reps then took advantage of the glorious weather by flyering in our SB t-shirts outside Portland and the library.

After promoting at the Students Union we moved onto driving around campus with Chase and Status blasting out the windows and spreading the Summer Break love/scaring people with the loudhailer. We visited lots of the halls on main campus and even went to Jubilee Campus, which made me massively nostalgic as everyone was playing Rugby and having BBQ’s by the lake, something that me and my friends used to do in first year when I was in Newark hall.

Post day time promoting. We went for a bit to eat at GBK. Where Matty proceeded to seriously ask for an “orange and carrot” juice….he was surprisingly unsuccessful in obtaining one and the waitress definitely thought he was a loser. After dinner it was time to get excited for the Summer Ball at Ocean. Karni had created a beach in the middle of the dance floor and invited an ice cream man along.  We then added our surf sim, plus 1,500 students and lots of alcohol. And voila! As close to Summer Break as you will get outside of Newquay.  When the Baywatch song sounded, all the Karni reps threw Summer Break beach balls off the balcony, some of which had fabulous Summer Break prizes written on them. We literally had to throw prizes at the Nottingham students, because not one person got over a minute on the sim! (Check out  the video here

That Night in Nottingham brought the official Campus Invasion Tour to a close.  Thanks to all our reps and people that have got involved along the way, we have had an amazing time. We will however be having a few more nights out with Pammy very soon. Sheffield on Thursday…see you there!

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