Summer Break Invades Oceana Birmingham!

Mar 11 2011

First stop in Birmingham was to meet up with some of the Exec from BCU, unfortunately due to the wind and our props being summer friendly only, we couldn’t get any promoting done. BUT we have some major Campus Invasion plans with BCU so watch this space…

Next stop was Birmingham University Campus to meet up with SBM Topsy. So I definitely think that by now we’ve established my love for pretty buildings and I was in heaven, even Matty couldn’t hide how impressed he was. The campus is stunning! We very cheekily managed to get Pammy into the centre of campus, its campaigns week at the University, so I think the security guard just thought we were part of that, lucky us! But again the wind was ready to blow us all away so we soon had to leave to get the club ready for the nighttime festivities.

You would think bringing the Summer Break love to a club is an easy task, which it is, in that its SO much fun, but we also have to carry lots of heavy stuff for the surf sim and the walk to the main room in Oceana Birmingham was ridiculously long. Cue me throwing a massive diva strop with lots of tears and stomping, for the second time in a day, poor, poor Matty. I did however man up and carry it all back to the car at 4am, much to the dismay of my hands/back, so I hope this means he forgives me!

The set up with the surf sim was the best so far, it looked incredible! With the added feature of a smoke machine, the atmosphere was insane. Over 3000 people were partying at Oceana last night so the surf sim participation was amazing! We had so many good people, our winner who I nicknamed ‘Gorgeous George’ for obvious reasons, managed to stay on for a whopping 3minutes and 30 seconds. Smashing all previous Surf Sim records. Not only did he win a free Summer Break caravan place but Matty felt the need to give him, mine, not his personal Summer Break hoody. Sorry George you might want to wash that….

So yet another amazing Summer Break night out, seriously guys you really don’t want to be missing out on these. Tonight we are in Bath so any Bath students get yourself down to XL tonight we would love to see you!

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