Pammy Partied it up in Leeds!

Mar 23 2011

The campus invasion tour travelled north to hit up the mighty city of Leeds.  A distinct buzz was around Leeds University, with elections looming it meant that we had ideal opportunity to spread the Summer Break love around campus, put it this way, Parkinson steps never thought they’d be graced with the Hoff’s presence.

The lovely Alice Smith joined us along with her reps. Noticing we were heavily outweighed in the male/female ratio, the girls went straight to work and drew in a lot of male attention, this then meant the Mountain Dew promo guys got massively annoyed at us taking all their limelight, leading one of them standing on top of their huge truck hurtling abuse, whilst on the other side of the truck a parking attendant duly issued him a ticket……result!

Oceana for afters and we received a heafty shipment of Summer Break beach balls, a perfect accompaniment to the night, the Oceana staff thought it’d be amusing to re-enact scenes from Dodgeball…. Oceana saw 2000 students pour through their doors who obviously weren’t dressed for the occasion, as one of the Campus Invasion team pointed out on our Facebook group……the Surf Simulator had never seen so many short skirts!

Leeds is well known as a party city, but the fancy dress was out in force with some excellent attire donned in true Summer Break custom. The Campus Invasion team had to have a few looks at this chap below to determine his true gender, he was very convincing.


Leeds hasn’t seen the last of us…..we’re back on Saturday the 26th to tear it up once again at Halo…..pencil it in your diary!

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