Feb 2 2011

Just when we’d nearly given up trying to find  the ‘Question Marks’ identity…..The guy in ‘Question’ has climbed out of the woodwork and revealed himself!

The guy, the SB team have not stopped talking about since he featured all over our new advertising campaigns is…..drum role…JOHN CLARKE!

John we hope you feel privileged that your face and question marked body is all over our SB campaigns…Think of how famous you’re going to be at SB this year..not to mention the women that’ll be falling at your feet!

John we salute you….grow your  ‘ ?‘ as much as possible before SB this summer PLEASE!

Tickets for the best 96 hours of your life go on sale on 1st March!

In the meantime check out our brand spanking new SB website! and join us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news and info!

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