Feb 1 2011

The evening began with a civilised dinner for 3 with the Nottingham Uni SBM, Sam O’Flaherty. However, by the end of the meal it was clear that the evening was going to be anything but civilised… 1 bottle of wine down and it was time to meet the Karni crew!

We headed to Baa Bar for the infamous shots and between us we sampled the whole menu (We’d highly recommend the monkey brain!) From shots to jagerbombs to strawpedos… we did the lot!

Then from Baa Bar we hit Coco Lounge to meet the rest of the Karni Crew for a quick game of fives – the loser having to buy a round of drinks for all 12 of us. DEM’S DA RULES!

Then onto Oceana to dance until dawn (well until 4am)! We had forgotten how impressive student’s stamina is when partying; no wonder they all love Summer Break.  From secret handshakes to “special” dance moves – we experienced the works.

When with students and in the student mindset, there is definitely only one way to end a night – with a greasy kebab and a pint of water…. the hangover today isn’t ideal but we would do it again in a heartbeat. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME! Join us on facebook to keep up to date with all our movements.


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