Feb 8 2011

The Eagle Has Landed (but where’s the ‘tache?)

It was surely only a matter of time that Britain’s greatest alpine music event would get together with Britain’s most famous Winter Olympian…We can reveal that former Olympic Ski Jumper, TV celebrity and pop star (his single reached number 2 in Finland, we’ll have you know!), spectacled snow star Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards will be taking special kicker classes at the board park.

Eddie’s background in one paragraph: The first man ever to represent Britain in an Olympic jumping event, Edwards shocked officials in 1988 by qualifying for the event simply because no other Brit applied and because he recorded a 77-meter jump. He quickly charmed spectators and the media with his working-class wit and seemingly fearless jumping style. Even though he was a plasterer by trade he still didn’t finish last (some other bloke was disqualified). From there his fame soared: he was always on telly, he wrote his autobiography (called, ‘Eddies On the Piste!’ and even he released a single which got to number 2! (erm in Finland)

23 years on, we’re setting the Eagle free again; to soar above Mayrhofen…and you could join him.

Britain’s most famous Winter Olympian has shaved off his famous moustache and we’re on a madcap mission to get him to grow it back. This is where you come in – we’ve got to show Eddie that we want him to grow it back…just for us!

Eddie will be exploring the ski area on Tuesday afternoon and is looking for a piste posse of six Snowbombers. Etch your encouragement below and you’ll be in with a chance of joining the Eagle – the 50th, 75th and 100th comments will win an afternoon on the slopes with our favourite winter Olympian before a nice warm down with Mr Motivatorthat’s two legends for the price of one!!!

Also why not check out Eddie’s famous leap below!

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