Feb 17 2011

Fancy partying abroad with your work pals, hitting the beach with your single friends or turning up the culture with your married mates. Wherever you want to BE on holiday and whoever it may BE with, BeOutgoing can take you there. Be Outgoing offer summer sun holidays, group travel to European Cities and party islands as well as worldwide trips and adventure tours.


Famous for its beautiful beaches and phenomenal sunsets, infamous for its world-class nightlife, Ibiza has long been a fashionable and popular destination. Whether you’re a raver or a rocker, this paradise island holds something for the clubber in everyone!

18th June, 7 nights, London Gatwick – Ibiza
ONLY £146pp


Immortalised in the lyrics of DJ Pied Piper and Lonyo, Ayia Napa stays true to its Garage and RnB roots every summer. With its lively beaches and famously energetic young crowd, the resort has one of the cheekiest, most playful vibes in the Med.

31st August, 7 nights, London Gatwick – Larnaca
ONLY £239pp


If you’re always the one who never wants the party to end then mother ship Magaluf is calling you home. This scorching Majorcan resort entertains 24/7 and is the destination of choice for the wildest of untamed party animals.

28th June, 7 nights, Liverpool – Palma
ONLY £222pp


For the party-goer who loves their clubs within stumbling distance, Malia’s jam packed main strip is the ideal destination. Malia’s guests are non-stop on the go, on the pull and on a mission to have fun; there’s two famous Main Strips in the world and Malia can out-party Vegas any day.

7th June, 7 nights, Manchester – Heraklion
ONLY £258pp


A haven for pop-fiends, Zante’s resort of Laganas is cheesier than the pizza you’ll get on your way home at 7am. With its pop-laden nightlife, cheeky young crowd and beaches made for sunbathing, Laganas is ideal for girls on tour. Which naturally makes it ideal for lads on tour as well.

16th June, 7 nights, Manchester – Zante
ONLY £272pp


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