Jan 31 2011

Over 500 Snow Warriors from Warwick University descended upon the beautiful resort of Mayrhofen for the ‘Ooh Ja’ annual tour. Two feet of powder exploded all over the valley on arrival day in resort resulting in big smiles on the students faces after a tiring coach journey.  Don’t let the 24 hour journey fool you into thinking they were that tired, they’re called warriors for a reason!  That night, dressed in fetching lederhosen t shirts, the snow warriors took over Arena nightclub and showed the residents of Mayrhofen how to party.

The next morning the Warriors took to the slopes. Copious amounts of JagerTee and powder shots to the face meant by the end of the day they rolled back down the mountain giddy and fresh faced!

Tuesday saw the first BackCountry Party up at the Tristenbachalm.  Over 120 students boarded the coaches to head  into the Floitental valley.   The walk up the hill was broken up by a shot of ‘mystical Schnapps’ , known to induce hallucinations. Locals greeted them at the top playing local instruments, followed by the start of the ‘cow milking’ games. This involves two players facing each other and milking the cow whilst the cow mistress keeps them in line by giving a slap  with the cows wet tail to the one who is losing! Mountain merriment took over and before we knew it we were outside, getting briefed on the toboggan ride back down! This is definitely not for the faint hearted and given the competitive nature of most of those in Snowsports, quite challenging to stay on as people attempt ‘road-rash’ style over-takes, emulating the pre-eminent 80’s classic computer game.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the week was the closing party with Sub Focus and MC I.D tearing the Arena apart with slick beats and mesmerising MC’ing.  The Warwick Snow massive, complete with beautiful Mohawks were whipped up into an uncontrollable frenzy and by closing time they were definitely ready for bed!

After a week of skiing, partying and general mischief on the legendary Warwick Snow Christmas Tour, everyone boarded the coach, sad that the fun was over with the President, Nick Harpur, claiming it was ‘The Best week of his life’….

Thanks Warwick Snow, it was emotional.  xx

(Please note, no cows were harmed in the making of this holiday…)

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