Jan 28 2011

When will it end?! Our line-up is already more intense than a jilted, cross-dressing cage fighter… And unlike Brucee, it just doesn’t know when to throw in the towel – in fact just like Alan Shearer’s forehead, it’s actually expanding all the time… We can exclusively reveal our favourite Belgian brothers, former forest headliners 2MANY DJ’s are returning to Volvo Snowbombing as is the mash-up maestro DJ YODA.

Where the heavy bass collides with the traditional indie love of the song, is where you’ll find REVEREND SOUND SYSTEM… You’ll also find ‘em in Mayrhofen this April!

Also polishing their goggles is French electronic enfant terrible AGORIA, new star of the Los Angeles techno scene LEE FOSS, ‘bombing faves JAGUAR SKILLS & PLUMP DJ’s and disco queen SOPHIE LLOYD… (All of whom understand the offside rule, incidentally).

Just can’t wait? For now. check out this classic track!


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