Jan 28 2011

I had the good fortune of repping three of the finest group’s I have ever come across last weekend. Leeds University and I were picked up from outside the Student Union on Friday night for a brisk dash down to Dover to jump on the Ferry to Calais and zoom through to Amsterdam. We played a mammoth game of ‘I have never’ on the first leg of the journey. I acted as narrator and all I can say is I was shocked, but by no means appalled!

…’I have never got naked on this coach!’, ‘Never have I ever had a crush on Harry (Group Leader).’ I have just searched through all the messages on my phone and these are the only two which are suitable to be publicly aired! Good effort Leeds.

We were joined on the other side of the channel by Sussex University and once we all checked in at the mighty Hans Brinker Hotel most of the group took their leave to experience Amsterdam for themselves. Some decided a lie down in a darkened room would be more suitable!

That night we hit it hard on the bar crawl with a local company, ‘Ultimate Party. They employ representatives from all over the world who specialise in, well, PARTYING! Sussex and Leeds did me proud. 150 up for it party goers piled out of the hostel and slinked their way down to the beginning of the bar crawl. The tempo gradually increased until the two groups took over the club, demoting the locals to the edge of the dancefloor and showcasing moves the Cirque du Soleil would have been proud of!

On Sunday morning whilst Leeds and Sussex were resting their weary heads, I went to meet four more coaches from Nottingham University. Again, a true delight! Some lovely costumes made an appearance as well. A troop of wild animals in onesies were seen stalking off the coach searching for their prey…and I believe a few of them caught it by the end of the weekend too!

Sunday night saw another epic group snaking through the streets of Amsterdam as we made our way to one of Amsterdam’s oldest, and most fun clubs – Dansen Bij Jansen. Close to 400 Leeds, Sussex and Nottingham students came together for an amazing evening of fun, dancing, drinking, debauchery and bloody good banter. A night to be…


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