Oct 1 2010

With the legendary Jed in the driver seat and armed with enough cider to sink a ship we finally got on the road, all be it a couple of hours late! Memories of Bestival came flooding back as the SBMs swigged cider and laughed and joked together! However, I can safely say that every one of the SBMs were better behaved than the Outgoing members of staff… Oh well, at least we can keep up with the students!

Upon arrival in Amsterdam we all checked into the infamous Hans Brinker Hostel. After a quick feed in the V&D food hall we hopped on a boat guided tour through the heart of Amsterdam. When we finally got back onto dry ground we enjoyed a tour of the incredible Stay OK Zeeburg which to our delight included free beers and hot Dutch snacks including a selection of bread crusted unidentifiable meats!  After recharging, the SBMs were put in teams to battle out the “great Amsterdam challenge”! They set off to take photos of some of the most famous sights in Amsterdam, the wonkiest building and last but not least  the best erotic photo! After some hilarious photos we treated the SBMs to a “do you believe in wok to walk” before heading to the infamous club, The Dansens Bij Jansen. A few Jaegers later, everyone was in high spirits; before many of the SBMs sneaked off to “look around the red light district”. Some of the boys conveniently got lost!

The following day we were all up at the crack of dawn for the training session. The SBMs walked on a guided tour of Amsterdam  before the training session started with the Motivational Speaker Jamie Edwards. The training was a huge success – Jamie motivated the staff just as much as he motivated the SBMs. He most definitely “married the brand.”

After a successful training session we stopped for a quick snack in Maoz before heading to the ‘Ultimate Bar Crawl’. For those of you not familiar it involves 5 bars, hundreds of people and shot sellers shoving shots into your mouth! Basically a hell of a lot of drinking which equals very happy student brand managers! John and I left early to catch our nightmare 2 hour flight home but we couldn’t complain too much as the rest of the staff had the epic 12 hour bus journey home…sorry guys!

Just want to say a huge thanks to everyone that helped to arrange the trip and all those who helped out during the  training. Special thanks to John the “bod” Limber (the sbm’s nickname), Blaine, Pamela Canderson (Katie Andrews) and Sian.

We’ve had incredible feedback so far! Good luck guys!

Joe Brailsford- Project Manager for the SBMs


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