Oct 1 2010

Mayrhofen is a winter wonderland, the home of Snowbombing and one of Outgoing’s favourite resorts.  Come December, Outgoing will be taking the country’s two leading University Snowsports clubs there for their Winter Ski Trip.

Jack and Rob (of Bristol University) joined Nick and Ross (Warwick University) for their Captain’s inspection to get a feel of the resort prior to them taking their groups there in December.

Si,  (Ski Manager) Ciara (Product Manager) and Rus (Sales Manager) met up with the groups for an early start at Stansted airport and swiftly left the distinctly overcast weather behind for the delights of Austria.

We were met by ‘Fritz’ of Christophorous transport (based in Mayrhofen) and driven in style from Salzburg airport to Mayrhofen.  He was definately on a mission to get us there quick and we encountered many hair-raising driving decisions prompting shouts of ‘GAMBLE!’ from the lads when choosing to overtake!

It was clear by the guys faces that Mayrhofen was a far cry from the standard French resorts they were used to.  With its rolling hills, beautiful countryside and the stunning Tyrolean architecture of the town.

After a brief stroll around the resort we visited the Cafe Tirol and tucked in to some lunch.  The food was great but, inevitably, the Jagermeister started flowing and the finer points of Austrian beer were discussed…. at length!

It was a great night in Funky’s that evening, more Jagermeister and some other choice Austrian beverages.  Then off to bed ready to get up on the glacier for some September skiing on the Hintertux Glacier.

The next morning Benny at Wegscheider Sports sorted our ski hire. The snow was amazing.  Jaw-droppingly good.  Blue Skies, and even some powder… in September!

At a height of 3250m we were skiing above the clouds and basking in the glorious sunshine.  The pictures say it all, it really was a perfect day skiing.

The main man behind it all was Roland Rahm from Mayrhofen Total Ski School.  He used 4 million litres of water in 1 night to make snow and this was a low amount!  He knew we were coming….

They have the only snow cannon in the world of its type that has just been constructed (for the snow geeks; it’s as big as a lift pylon and you can climb up it, into it and go underground!)

It was all going so well until…….Nick (Warwick) decided it would be a great idea to go over a lip (a ‘cliff’ he called it), hit some powder and then smash into some hard-pack snow head first.  One dislocated shoulder later we headed back down the mountain.  Nick was more worried about a little cut on his nose more than anything!  At least he got his Steak cut up for him by Ciara at dinner- Now that’s personal service!

And what a steak it was.  We were treated to a fantastic meal at Cafe Tirol by Verena and Zissy Kroll who were our hosts for the evening.  One of the finest I have ever eaten.  Great food, great wine and great golfballing (As Zissy joined in with the usual University mealtime drinking banter).

Jack from Bristol declared himself ‘full’.  The first time I have ever heard those words uttered by him.  To be fair, he did really well eating a Mountain Goat steak (Chamois) that was bigger than his own head!

We then headed to The Scotland Yard Pub for a few more evening drinks and the ‘cucumber game’ which is less sinister than it sounds, yet offensively difficult! The aim is to get a wet piece of cucumber from your forehead to your mouth. Impossible!

The Warwick and Bristol boys showed the Austrians how it was done and celebrated a cracking weekend with a couple of cigars and some drawn on moustaches…

Thanks for a fantastic weekend Bristol and Warwick! It was both messy and memorable.  Roll on December!


Simon Bleasdale – Ski Manager


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