SB10 FANCY DRESS – Dare 2 Bare!

Apr 29 2010

Summer Breakers are renowned for stretching the realms of sartorial silliness and donning all kinds of karazy kit and Summer Break 2010 plans to be no different as we unleash the resulting programme of costumed capery!

NIGHT 1: SPICY GIRLS & BACK STREET BOYS – Pop acts of the 90’s reunite!
NIGHT 2: O.A.P. OUTING – Octogenarians antics
NIGHT 3: S & B PARTY – say NO to M&S, maybe to S&M, but a full fat YES to S&B!
NIGHT 4: GODS & GODDESSES – Holy Sheet – this calls for a Toga!

So remember: “Clothes maketh the man ” and all that jibber jabber…so now it’s time to hit the costume box, and role play like you haven’t done since you were seven (we won’t mention that time your Mum caught you playing ‘Doctors & Nurses’ with your cousin…)

4 Comments about “SB10 FANCY DRESS – Dare 2 Bare!”

  1. Steveo Littlewood Says:


    just wondering what S&B is for fancy dress, as I am very keen to get all my fancy dress prepared before I hit Newquay like a steam train, WOOP WOOP

    Yours Sincerely Steveo

  2. Kirsty Says:

    What is S&B??

  3. Christie James Says:

    hi there. we are going to Newquay for Summer Break this year and was looking at the fancy dress line up. I know this might sound ridiculous but what does the fancy dress S&B represent? If you could let me know, would be great! Thanks x

  4. Nenita Stuckett Says:

    The Michael Jackson Werewolf costume is the best.

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