Mar 11 2010


With the mighty Matt Benn with his Lufbra Kids and the perfect Poppy Hoskins with her talented team of campus reps this party was set to be a hit right from the start… and it didn’t disappoint!!For starters there really was an epic array of fancy dress – we had everything from chaps in gilets (not actually sure that this was fancy dress…) to a giant sun to thunderbirds to greek gods (I was thinking more greek gremlins actually, harsh I know!!) and the list goes on…

You can definitely tell that this is the sports capital of the university world – the competitive streak came out good and proper when we were faced with a one on one battle of the sexes. And as it should be the girls were crowned the overall winners… (I’m not biased, honest!)

Trying to locate a landmark of some quality in Loughborough is like trying to find a needle in a haystack… near impossible (no offence). However if you do know of any then don’t hesitate to pick us up on our mistake!


Now that we are at the half way point of the Campus Invasion Tour one would think that we would be exhausted and sick of partying…. HELL NO!! We really hope that Nottingham enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs.

With the cheeky chappy of a DJ utilising his Microphone skills to the upmost (SB shout outs and general surf sim related abuse) and our general stage presence it was impossible for anyone not to see Summer Break were here and here to party!!#

Due to the fact that we were man down as the beloved Henry was otherwise engaged we enlisted the help of the balding bouncers to head up the crowd control – my god did we need them… on numerous occasions the stage got stormed to epic proportions!!

We could tell straight away that Nottingham know how to drink… the skills on the Surf Sim were dismal, very dismal. The winner only managing to get 62 seconds – even I can beat that and that is saying something. I can only presume they were this poor due to the copious “bins of alcohol” that had been consumed (I am sure the Karni chaps will be happy to expand on what can be found in these “bins of alcohol”).

The infamous Nottingham landmark needs no introduction – Nottingham Castle!! Photo can be expected upon return from 2nd party tonight in Notts.


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