Road Trip, Tour de Dance, Narnia, Ride & Seek and… Mr. Motivator?!

Mar 3 2010

The Snowbombing team hasn’t even had time to stop and drink any brews this year, not one! They have been working their fingers to the bone to bring you ‘The Greatest Show on Snow’. 2010 sees extra fun and mayhem by the snow shovel full! This year’s Road Trip ‘Driven by Volvo’ plays host to a plethora of celebs, competitions and general insanity! Our very own version of the Wacky Races travels from Maidstone to Mayrhofen, with a cheeky over night stop in Frankfurt. The Urban Knights have also been on the road since January, bringing some banging tunes and amazing club nights to the Alps, via the medium of the ‘Tour de Dance’ Driven by Volvo.

There is very little room left at the inn folks, the last remaining beds in Mayrhofen are being snapped up left right and centre, check out the accommodation section if you haven’t got a bed yet, book now! But fear naught, if you cannot get your desired accommodation, all is not lost, wristband only tickets are up for grabs this week… only a limited number though!

Thank you to all of you who showed up and had a good old fashioned bounce with the team who recently returned triumphantly from the Snowbombing UK Club Tour 2010. That was merely the beginning… this year Snowbombing sees the return of the Squeeky Hill boys, the launch of new venues including NARNIA and the 12 Sheds of Easter – giving Snowbombers the chance to host their very own party on site. Not quite satisfied with that? Hard to please aren’t you… No worries, we raise you a hunt for this year’s freshest guitar talent in King of the Mountains, a pro boarding competition on site in the form of Ride & Seek  and MR MOTIVATOR doing warm up and cool down sessions to help you shake off the hangover and hit the slopes hard. If that doesn’t quench your thirst you are an animal, and you might want to keep your eyes skinned for our next big revelation – Fancy Dress schedule to be released in the next fortnight..!

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