Feb 18 2010

I successfully completed two weekends of Head repping on the bounce last Sunday and although I was tired it was all worth it. We took away 900 and 500 students respectively, 1400 smiling faces crossing the channel to Amsterdam. A sight to behold…believe me! We took over the ferry during our first weekend with students from Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Southampton, the bar did roaring trade to say the least. Ellie Green, one of Outgoings Student Brand Managers, managed to rouse over 400 students from their deep Southampton slumber – well done Ellie, a sterling effort. The second weekend saw 500 students embark on the epic weekend from Sheffield, Loughborough and Cardiff.

Our groups took over two clubs during the first weekend, but our favourite will always be Dansen Bij Jansen, a truly epic Friday night can be had shifting some shapes on the dancefloor or relaxing in the smoking room. Groups enjoyed free time on Saturday to explore the city, be it on foot or doing as the locals do and getting a bike. Which is a must in my mind – Amsterdam is not Amsterdam without a ride… It was then onwards and upwards to the bar crawl, everybody enjoyed their complimentary drinks and got to know each other a bit better, a lot better in some cases.

Amsterdam is a stunning city, with an incredible outlook on life completely different to that of the UK. If you haven’t visited then what are you waiting for? Contact our Weekend Breaks team, get a load of mates together, pick a weekend and do it.

We all had an absolute ball, taking over the city through sheer strength in numbers, there was a wonderful feeling of comraderie as you ambled around the Capital spying English students everywhere you looked. I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the groups on the trip and another BIG THANKYOU to all of my beautiful reps who made the weekend possible.

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